Author: Bergamaschi, M.
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Results of Awake Run 1 and Plans for Run 2 Towards HEP Applications  
  • M. Bergamaschi
    CERN, Meyrin, Switzerland
  The high accelerating gradient that plasma wakefield can produce make it a an interesting technology for next generation of particle accelerators. The AWAKE experi-ment at CERN demonstrated during Run1 that thanks to the process of self-modulation an high energy (400 GeV) long (10 cm) proton bunch drive intense wakefield in plasma. Externally injected electrons were successfully accelerated to 2 GeV in a 10m plasma. The main aims of the AWAKE Run 2 phase are to demonstrate that a con-trolled self-modulation process can lead to stable acceler-ating gradient up to 1 GV/m preserving the emittance of injected electron bunches and to be scalable to plasma sources of 100s of meters and beyond for high energy. The AWAKE scheme aim to provide electron beams for particle physics experiments by the end of the Run2 phase. This contribution reports the main achievement of Run1 and summarises the programme of AWAKE Run 2 including possible applications of the AWAKE scheme to novel particle physics experiments.  
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