Author: Jongewaard, E.N.
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WEPA10 Determination of LCLS-II Gun-2 Prototype Dimensions 637
  • L. Xiao, C. Adolphsen, E.N. Jongewaard, X. Liu, F. Zhou
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
  The LCLS-II spare gun (Gun-2) design is largely based on the existing LCLS-II gun (Gun-1), in which there is significant captured dark current (DC) that originates on the high field copper surface near the cathode plug gap opening. To help suppress DC, the Gun-2 cathode and anode noses and the cathode plug opening are elliptically shaped to minimize the peak surface field for a given cathode gradient. Stainless steel (SS) cathode and anode inserts are used in Gun-2 to further reduce dark current. The RF simulations were performed using a model that includes all the 3D features. The thermal and structural analyses were done to investigate the effects of the air pressure and RF heating. The multi-physics simulation results provided the information needed to compute the overall frequency change from the basic 2D model to the nominal frequency during operation. The Gun-2 cathode-to-anode gap distance will be made 1 mm longer than the nominal gap with the expectation that less than 1 mm will be machined off to meet the target frequency. In this paper, the Gun-2 frequency correction calculations are presented, and the cathode-to-anode gap determination is discussed.  
DOI • reference for this paper ※ doi:10.18429/JACoW-NAPAC2022-WEPA10  
About • Received ※ 30 July 2022 — Revised ※ 03 August 2022 — Accepted ※ 08 August 2022 — Issue date ※ 10 August 2022
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