SUXF —  Project Management   (07-Aug-22   08:00—12:00)
Chair: S. Biedron, Element Aero, Chicago, USA
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Project Management and Accelerator Development  
  • S. Biedron
    Element Aero, Chicago, USA
  • L.M. Georgson Petrén
    Roddare, Lund, Sweden
  Accelerator laboratories belong to the largest research investments to be found regardless laboratory, research institute or country funding the initiatives. This impose a great responsibility on the researchers and engineers developing, building and updating research facilities. Accelerator development are important research projects and will affect many stakeholders regardless if it is a smaller upgrade of an RF system or development of a large scale FEL. Wet developing new systems project management is a core competence for every laboratory. Yet this is a knowledge area often ignored in favor skill development in areas closer to physics and technology. This can be a very expensive mistake as the value of proper project management cannot be underestimated. This half day training will give you insight in the basics of projects. What is a project and what does project management mean. And how can this be adopted in accelerator development.  
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