Author: Hara, T.
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THYD1 XFEL as a Low-Emittance Injector for a 4th-Generation Synchrotron Radiation Source 850
  • T. Hara
    RIKEN SPring-8 Center, Hyogo, Japan
  Low-emittance beam injection is required for the future SPring-8-II due to its small injection beam aperture. To meet this requirement, the SACLA linac has been used as a low-emittance injector since 2020 [1]. In order to perform the beam injection in parallel with XFEL operation, three accelerators are virtually constructed in a control system for the two XFEL beamlines and the beam injection, and thus the accelerator parameters can be independently tuned. Since the reference clock frequencies of the two accelerators are not related by an integer multiple, a new timing system was developed that achieves 3.8 ps (rms) synchronization. To maintain bunch purity better than 1e-8, which is routinely requested at SPring-8, an electron sweeper and an RF knock-out system are introduced for the SACLA injector and the SPring-8 storage ring. Although 0.1 nm-rad emittance of SACLA is increased by an order of magnitude at a transport line mainly due to quantum excitation of synchrotron radiation, it is still small enough for SPring-8-II. By shutting down an old dedicated injector complex, energy consumption has been significantly reduced, and it contributes to create a low-carbon society.
The speaker present this work on behalf of RIKEN-JASRI project team.
[1] Toru Hara et al., Phys. Rev. Accel. Beams 24, 110702 (2021).
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