Author: van de Water, R.
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Accelerator Searches for Axions and Dark Matter  
  • R. van de Water
    LANL, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA
  This talk will give an overview of the theory and the accelerator and detector techniques used for dark sector searches. As an example, the talk will then focus on a recent and local experiment, the Coherent CAPTAIN-Mills (CCM), which has begun running at the LANSCE Lujan center. In a three year run CCM will search for sub-GeV dark matter with sensitivities that probe early Universe relic density limits. It will also probe for Axion Like Particles (ALP’s) parameter space un-tested by previous experiments and cosmological constraints, and test new interpretation of the legendary LSND and MiniBooNE excesses. CCM will operate at the Lujan Center at LANSCE which is a 100-kW neutron and stopped pion source that delivers an 800-MeV proton beam onto a tungsten target at 20 Hz with a pulse width of 290 ns. The 10 ton liquid argon CCM detector is placed 23 m from the target and is instrumented with 200 fast nano-second 8" PMT’s that can detect scattering events in time with the beam from as low as 10 keV thresholds up to 200 MeV. Initial data results will be shown demonstrating the power of the new experiment.  
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